Sprint Ultra Pants & Shorts


Light Speed to the Podium

When performance is measured by the millisecond, there’s no time for nonsense. Worn by the world’s fastest racers, Sprint Ultra is designed specifically for the moments between the tape when a fraction of a second can make or break the day. The only kit with the slim cut Precision Fit, Sprint Ultra’s premium TLD Ultra fabrics are made of the lightest materials with laser-cut ventilation, prioritizing speed and function. 

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Sprint Pants & Shorts


Dedicated to the Details

Sprint is to the dedicated racer what fuel is to fire — essential. Striking a balance between snug and relaxed, Sprint’s crafted Race Fit cut leans on years of athlete feedback with improvements in lightweight poly mesh fabrics for better ventilation and mobility. From practice laps or out of the start gate, Sprint’s finer details dominate to the finish. 

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Skyline Pants & Shorts


Any Weather, Any Trail

The all-encompassing trail kit, Skyline not only keeps up with you, but it keeps up with the seasons too. From the heat of summer to bone-chilling winter, Skyline’s relaxed fit and technical Bluesign-approved stretch fabrics make any ride extraordinary. 

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Drift Pants & Shorts


Take Only What You Need

Sometimes, the best rides require getting out there — far out there. For long rides that crank up the heat, put the hammer down in our lightest trail kit. Taking a pedal-friendly approach, Drift’s knit fabrics are highly breathable with welded stretch panels that provide compliance and mobility as you search out the secret lines. 

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Ruckus Pants & Shorts


Style is a Work in Progress

When it’s time to punch out from the daily grind, Ruckus gets to work. Inspired by casual undertones with a rugged workwear aesthetic, Ruckus was developed with Brandon Semenuk to complement fresh style with an uncompromising work ethic on the trail. An insulated, packable vest, five-pocket stretch pants, and soft-to-the-touch performance tees with hidden stash pockets guarantee you’ll always get out what you put in Ruckus. 

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Flowline Shorts


Understated Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

Racing is in our DNA, but not every ride battles the clock. Flowline’s casual vibes and minimalist feel are comfortably understated but fit squarely on the trail. The durable knit and woven fabrics blend performance with affordability not commonly found in a kit so diverse. 

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