GP Helmet

The GP helmet was designed with all the reliability and style you come to expect from Troy Lee Designs and nothing you don’t. Weighing only 1500g, this durable Polyacrylite helmet combines essential safety features with 16 vents to maximize comfort. Whether you’re charging the trail or spinning laps on the track, the GP is the steadfast go-to for all-day performance.

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GP Pro Collection

GP Pro elevates the everyday riding experience through practical features and tailor-made details. Ventilation and stretch panels hit the sweet spots where movement and airflow matter most, while reinforced panels cover exposed areas where resilience is crucial. Hidden gems like a stealth pant pocket ensure GP Pro holds up to the last lap, every day.

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GP Collection

Designed for versatility and durability, GP is the do-it-all kit for riding every day. Lightweight with a laid-back fit for mobility, the GP kit packs all the must-have features for the track and the trail, ditching those you won’t miss. Be ready for anything in GP.

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Scout SE Collection

The Scout SE Moto collection is meant for the rider that wants to stay cool on the trail, while boasting trail resilientcy. Vented, abrasion resistant and stretch fabrics are used to make this gear be comfortable, durable and temperature controlled.

Scout GP Collection

Made for the adventerous rider, the Scout GP collection is designed to have optimal wicking and quick drying finishes, air flow and breathability, while pushing the standards on safety.