Brendan Fairclough new movie DEATHGRIP By Clay Porter-coming soon!

DEATHGRIP HD from The Orchard on Vimeo. MUST WATCH: Exclusive DEATHGRIP Trailer – A film by Clay Porter and Brendan Fairclough – Global Release May 30th 2K17 April 4th, 2K17 LONDON, ENGLAND III DEATHGRIP puts the defining style of Brendan Fairclough with the progressive filmmaking of Clay Porter, slamming them together into an in-your-face, nonstop onslaught of race-pace action set against Planet Earth scenery. It pushes mountain biking to a new level of intensity and documents the sport a pulse higher than ever before. DEATHGRIP will debut its world premiere in Fairclough’s home city of London, England on April 13th, 2K17. The film will then set sail on a global premiere tour, including a public screening at Sea Otter Classic on April 21st in Monterey, California. DEATHGRIP will be brought to live audiences around the world in Munich, Barcelona, Madeira and South Arica throughout May. DEATHGRIP is scheduled for a global release May 30th through iTunes and other digital platforms. Pre-order is available now ( through Vimeo On Demand. Brendan Fairclough - “My goal for DEATHGRIP is for people to watch the movie and only be able to watch the first 10 minutes before they have to turn it off, jump on their bike and go rip a turn.” See Brendan's kit of choice here: and his Helmets of choice, the D3 Carbon MIPS helmet: #DEATHGRIPMOVIE | DEATHGRIPMOVIE.TV | @DEATHGRIPMOVIE
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